"Research fields: choreophony, choreography of space, choreographic software to generate computer aided dance movements.

Polyphony through choreography. Sounds are triggered, influenced, modulated, distorted, slowed, speeded, made louder or silenced by dancers movements mapped to sound files.

research goals:
- Polyphonic sound layers, generated through several dancers movements, with visual and sensor based motion tracking technologies. If composers composed ballet music, choreophony is a generated soundtrack by the choreography itself.
- Tracking the position of the dancers in space.
- Identifiying movement phrases of dancers over time and dynamics of individidual movement phrases.
- Applying algorithms or mathematical formula to a dance sequence. how would algorithmic generated movement „sound“ like?

SINLAB research project 2012
idea, concept development: Pablo Ventura
interaction design, software, video: Chris Ziegler
dance: Unita Gaye Galiluyo, Deborah Hofstetter

GestureFollower Software by IRCAM