An interdisciplinary production - drama, musical theater, dance. Konzerttheater Bern, Switzerland.
With texts from the novel by Max Frisch and music of Franz Schreker, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Others.

The physician Dr. Felix Schaad is suspected of murder. He is divorced, his sixth ex-wife was found dead, strangled with a tie. Nearly a year later, the accused is set free. But after 291 days detention and 21 days before the court the endless parade of witnesses in his head, the questions of the Court and the pictures in his memory will not fade . The voices in Felix Schaad head condense into a haunting concert, which makes a normal productive life impossible. Billiards, alcohol, walking help temporarily, but as Felix's current, seventh wife announcing the separation, he runs into a tree ...

"Michael Simon tells the story at the beginning in a wordless picture sequence backwards with video projections (Chris Ziegler) and live stills of Franz Schreker's Chamber Symphony (1916), which the symphony Bern interpreted under the direction of Sébastien Rouland in the orchestra pit with finely balanced and flowing sound mixtures. A sultry atmosphere, thrilling images. "(...)" Actor Stéphane Maeder is magnificent as Dr. Schaad and in the evening he really grows old. Grotesque, as the witnesses (great: Milva Stark) are portrayed to demonstrate the pathological nightmare situation. As a prosecutor Henriette Cejpek pulls all the stops on ... » NZZ Zurich