The Pre-Choreographic Movement Kit contains interactive Movement Objects representing dance principles to understand, how movement can be generated in an artistic process leading to dance as a creation process.

Inspired by George Maciunas Fluxus Kit (1964), which contained a small suitcase as container of an exhibition with compartments for objects, graphical scores and games, journals, films and instructions for performances the Pre-Choreographic Movement Kit, demonstrates relations between time, space, movement, the body and objects.

Following the philosophy of Maciunas, this kit is a collective product rather than an individual artwork. The use of instructions will be based on a set of physical actions related to movement principles created by the Amsterdam based dance company Emio Greco | PC. The manipulation and transformation of physical objects will be related three different proposals: i) the main characteristics of the movement principles, ii) the related acoustic soundscpae and iii) instructions to move or transform the objects accordingly.

The design of the Pre-Choreographic Movement Kit interactive installation is inspired by the generative character of the Pre- Choreographic Movement Principles of the dance company and continues the previous research question on the relation between qualitative versus quantitative description of movement. The aim of the installation is to allow a physical encounter of the pre-choreographic Elements glossary while searching descriptors for tracking that can catch intentional aspects of the generation of movements that create dance.

The selected movement principles are Abracadabra, Bridging, Leaving Aura, Mapping, Rhythm On, Undulation and Vacuum. These are seven principles that can generate movement qualities, represented by seven physical objects and their ways to be move and transformed them in space.