A dance-media-performance for 5 dancers and audio-visual interaction.

Heliopolis builds a fictious urban Utopia within a Performance-Installation. A light sculpture hovers over Heliopolis. Like a relic from thousands of years of urban city cultures, the sculpture lits up the temples of consumtion. The 'human factor' of this scenario is interacting with the city and its sounds. The degress of freedem are fixed.
4 hots spot fields on stage and sensors on the bodies of the dancers Helioppolis' movement is permanently tracked. Motion tracking and Gesture Recognition Software, the dancers are generating the sound scape of Heliopolis, entagled in the surrounding urban landscapes, but their scope of action is limited.
'Scaned Citicens' are part of todays and future Mega Cities like Shanghai, Los Angeles 2019 (from Ridley Scotts 'Blade Runner' 1982) or Metropolis (Fritz Lang 1927).
A transition from Present to Fiction.

"...soon fluttered it's secret on white highway and brown byway to the rose of the winds and blew of the gaels..." James Joyce's Finnegans Wake