forest3 concerns spatialized representation in a performative setting and modes of “staging information” mediated by computational technologies.

forest3 explores a potential physical experience level with digital information. forest3 is a research creation project about a non representational information display, moving image practice, digital scenography and the architecture of stage.

Siegfried Zielinski once dubbed projection “a media strategy located between proof of truth and illusioning;” While performing the articulation from space to surface and vice-versa, projection does enact the very translation of dimensions but is stuck in simulation. Forest3 overcomes a screen-based representational process of image creation, keeping the transfer from physical to image in real space.

The display environment can be described as well as a low res hologram, which doesnt need a surface to project on. The pixels are physically placed in space. 2D Screens displaying flat or thre dimensional information suggest another reality. forest3 creates a phzsucal stage of information, a physical experiential environment, which reverses the relation of real to virtual.