dance, dance, revolution!

interactive multimedia dance and DJ performance

4 Dj-s, 2 composers, 1 dancer and a playstation...
"dance dance revolution!" is the name of a popular computergame and was also the source of inspiration to Chris Ziegler and Kazue Ikeda in the media theater of the ZKM Karlsruhe. dance, electronic music, arcade- and DJ- sounds and interactive visuals create a multimedia soundscape, crossing borders between clubculture , dancetheater and arcade culture.

"dance, dance, revolution!" comes from the title of an electronic arcade play, that particularly in Japan had been very popular. I saw young kids and teenagers in tokyo practicing incredible movements on the road in front of arcade salons.
Kazue Ikeda, which I work together in this piece, grewn up in Japan. she completed training as a stunt-women and in acrobatics, before she started to dance professionally.

workshop and performance:
with djs and musicians from "institute for fine motions", "spuler" and with the composer Sean Reed and Todd Ingalls we had a two week workshop at the studio of HfG Karlsruhe. We worked on interactive sound jams with life dance, moving lights and life interactive video. The final presentation took place at "Long Night of Museums" Karlsruhe (KAMUNA), August 8th 2003.

Konzeption und visuelle Gestaltung: Chris Ziegler, Tanz: Kazue Ikeda, Tanz-Dramaturgie: Karen Schupp, Musik: Todd Ingalls, Sean Read, Spuler, institut für feinmotorik, Tontechnik: Frank Halbig, Ausstattung: Gabriele Engelhardt, Kerstin Müller,  Produktion: Christian Ziegler und ZKM | Karlsruhe, unterstützt durch die Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Karlsruhe und Martin Professional A/S sowie durch den Bayerischen Landesverband zeitgenössischer Tanz (BLZT)
supported by BLZT (Bayerischer Landesverband Zeitgenössischer Tanz), ZKM Karlsruhe and HfG Karlsruhe