A work about home, returning home, and human beings’ divergent development over time. Following 20 years of absence, a man returns to his home village. He books a room at a place run by his mother and sister, but refrains from revealing himself as the long-lost son and brother. He’s keen on observing his family’s life, getting to know them from a distance and seeing whether they’ll recognize him at some point. While he keeps the two women ignorant of his true identity, he cannot know that they, too, have a secret: for years, now, they have been murdering and robbing their guests in order to someday have the means to leave the close confines of their village. As the plot unfolds, all three protagonists remain captives of their respective roles—and the impending tragedy runs its course. Only after the deed has been done, when they look through their victim’s papers, do the two women finally realize just who their victim was.

Interview with Fabian Panisello