Research on Digital Theater Production in European Theater Lab (ETL) 2016 - 2018 "Drama goes Digital"

The audience will embark on an interactive journey into urban space and the future. With their smartphones and headphones, they encounter traces of the artificial intelligence Zigmagora who is governing the city. Four experts come from a sedated and controlled world of 2052, but nothing works in this dominated society anymore. The viewers are confronted with scenarios about love, health, identity and security and interact and cocreate with decisive tasks in an interweaving ofmixed, augmented and virtual realities.

Together with the Theatre de la Manufacture,Nancy and the Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre in Georgia's capital Tbilisi, the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe/Germany and Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe and associate artists are developing a play with smartphone and ipad technologies.

The theatre has taken advantage of every new technique. In antiquity it was fire, sinking and flying machines, in the baroque scenery and candles, in the 19th century electric light, in the 20th century sound, film and video. In the 21st, in the digital century, digital technology is already behind the scenes - in sound and light consoles, in presentation planning and in the POS system. Seven theatres from all over Europe have opened a European Theatre Lab to test in practice whether digital processes can be used artistically on stage.