No Body lives here (ODO) (2020)
ODO is a choreographic theatre installation that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning without attempting to give the algorithm a "face". Can theatre use AI to create dramatic characters for theatre?
In the "singularity" in which it is predicted that in a few years artificial AI will be superior to human intelligence and machine learning algorithms will train the physical abilities of robots, we need to get an idea of future scenarios of how to interact with "the machine". There are several science fiction scenarios that represent a battle between man and machine. Digital search algorithms already determine our access to knowledge today. Social media regulate our contact to friends and acquaintances.
In 1881 Mary Shelly gave "Frankenstein" a violent physical body as a threat to humans. When the "Golem" came into the world in 1920, director Paul Wegener succeeded in making the incomprehensible being appear very human. ODO is an abstract stage with a robot made of kinetic light objects that want to come into contact with the visitors as a swarm. ODO wants to communicate and learn. He remains abstract and gets no human image of representation. The name ODO is an ironic allusion to a figure of a famous science fiction sequel, a "changeling" without a solid body who learns human behaviour.

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