ANA - a theatrical story machine

"Let me briefly tell my story before you tell me yours. I am ANA (2023*) and I was born somewhere between Berlin, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. Every moment, through every new encounter and every physical experience, new narratives emerge. Some remain forever in our heads, but some also see the light of day and thus change, sometimes more, sometimes less, the course of our history. I want to create our shared narrative and share with you a unique literary encounter." - ANA

ANA specializes in creating new stories in a dialogic process with a single person. Through the use of different signals, an intimate human-machine encounter is created in which perhaps the most human of all qualities comes to the fore: shared storytelling.

Technical Description:
ANA is an empathic AI-based interaction system for dialogic improvisation of stories. The system is a walk-in installation designed in the style of a photo box for one person. The interaction between the visitor and the ANA is based on the continuous recognition of emotions. At the same time, the system maintains its own affect architecture based on cognitive models. 

Supported by the Foundation of Lower Saxony and the Volkswagen Foundation as part of the joint initiative LINK-Masters