"With "rickshaw bangalore", media artist Christian Ziegler continues his series of interactive films. This interactive work explores the temporal dimension of places and of the experiencing of places: a video tracking system enables the visitor to navigate video footage like in a time radar and to immerse himself in individual pictures from the flow of passing images showing the constantly changing city of Bangalore.

The film is a 45 min pan shot recorded from a moving rickshaw drining through Bangalore. The Images are recorded with a very high shutter speed. There is no euclidean space in this movie. The cinematic way of generating moving images is reversed: The user interacts with the installation collecting single images by moving through space, freezing the flow of events, assembling an personal cityscape of moments.

"rickshaw bangalore" is about a multidue of reality experience I underwent, living in Bangalore: change is everywhere, constantly happening. Places and streets do not function as geographical points of orientation anymore, but are only temporary constructs of physical architecture and social structures."

Realized by the support program of Baden-Württemberg's "Information at your fingertips : Interactive Visualisation for Gigapixel Displays", by the Bangalore Attakkalari Center for Movement Art and by Goethe - Institut, Bangalore.