Video for stage production of Mandeep Raikhy / gati dance Delhi, India

Based on the notion of lived experience of architecture in Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, ‘Inhabited Geometry’ is an ensemble piece that aims to define, architecturally and imaginarily, the idea of home. As an investigation of the idea of 'site', cultural as well as architectural, and an attempt to create a new vocabulary emerging out of experiments with Bharatanatyam, this piece is essentially an exploration undertaken with six dancers to paint a picture of an imaginary home.

Choreographed by Mandeep Raikhy
Danced by Anusha Lall, Swati Mohan, Manju Sharma, Rajat Bakshi, Sanjay Singh Rana & Mandeep Raikhy
Music by Ish Sherawat
Media Design by Chris Ziegler
Photography by Desmond Roberts

Supported by Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, and The Gati Dance Forum.

For tickets contact +99714 06113 / 011 4182 5788

vimeo (gati)