"Elfriede Jelinek's perhaps most personal piece: "One of Schubert's famous laments in his song-cycle "Winterreise" on the voracious monster: time," the past", on impermanence and futility, open wounds and painful solitude" (taz). Suffering from their "untimely", excluded from the "majority mob", unable to participate in the world of "investors". Her characters remain - not free from suffering pride - in a kind of inner rigid, or lose themselves, as the figure of the father had Alzheimer's, in a realm of oblivion. In the form of a typical "Jelinek-style" text, the place of the angry rebellion occurs a depression. Its "eternal laments" would be hard to stop, were it not for the poetic word lust and the bitter self-irony of the author." Badisches Staatstheater

director, stage: MIchael Simon
costumes: Zana Bosnjak
music: Nina Wurman
chorus Thomas Reichert
video: Chris Ziegler
dramaturgy: Tilman Neuffer
director's assist.: Kathrin Wunderle